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1st Annual Brew-Out

If it’s bout righteous I’m with it. – Beloved Daud

There’s a Psalm that states, Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! This is exactly what was experienced @ The 1st Annual Brew-Out! 

October 27th.

Atlanta, Georgia, or as us Brews call it #SCRIPTlanta, was home of the 1st Annual Brew-Out! Held at Playback Sounds, the Brew-Out was just as advertised, it was a day full of BREWlaxation, righteous family/company, food and good clean fun. This was an event targeted to broadcast and reach those who embrace their Hebraic culture to be able to meet and network in person. Not only was there networking but there was also a special treat giving by The Brewfessionals and a live headlining performance from #ItsYaFavoriteACH, Beloved Daud (Mind Culture Forever). ​

The evening kicked off at 6 pm and was rapidly filling in with attendees, then the networking began. The vendors in attendance, Kodesh Fresh and YahThentic Hats, were not only able to network but able to promote their product straight to the people. ​Mind Culture gave out free gift bags to all in attendance which included the performer of the night and Brewfessional Beloved Daud’s latest album release The Culture Forever and a 613 Lifestyle wristband.

After the mingle session, The Brewfessionals held an exclusive LIVE recording of “At the Brew Spot with The The Brewfessionals”. In the live episode, with special guest Kendrick Farris (Bless The Gym) they went over The Brew Out and the purpose behind the event, which was for gathering the people for a good righteous time and networking amongst each other. You can check out the live recording of this episode here and the episode will be released Sunday @ 6:13 sharp!

After the live recording there was a MAJOR moment of love among everyone in the venue! As the transition happened the love never changed, all it did was return back around the performing stage as Beloved Daud was getting set for his performance. Fresh out the gate he came with the banger ‘Man Up’, which got all the crowd on their feet. That set the tone for the whole performance as he burned the stage up! With a few hits off of previous albums like Forever Party, No Sleep and In YHUH We Trust, and releases from this summer such as All Esteem To Yahuah and the latest single Fake Brews, had the crowd rocking the whole night. Every one of every age was hitting dance moves throughout the whole performance!

This was definitely a night and a event to remember. Here at The WAV we want to give another special thanks again to all of the sponsors who helped this event and another thanks for being apart of the event. You definitely don’t want to miss the next Brew-Out!

All photo credits goes to Abad’YAHU

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    • S'ar Nagid -

    • November 2, 2018 at 20:07 pm

    All esteem to YAHUAH! It was the best show and Brewfestival I’ve ever been to! A lot of love, a lot of script and a lot of Set Apart music! Beloved Daud, Mind Culture, The Wav and everyone else who attended where Brewfessional! You definitly don’t want to miss next years Annual Brew-Out! Shalom!

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