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Community Events Help Reconcile

by: THEWAV613

Community events should be something that happens continuously without ceasing. Holding different events and bringing the people together do wonders for our morale. Many need that extra boost to keep pushing through. Let’s think about it for a second. I’m fairly positive that our situation and the dangers that we face are constantly at the forefront of our minds.

We must take initiative to create clean and wholesome gatherings where our children can run and play in safety, our women aren’t constantly harassed or being groped and zero violence amongst brethren also.

Hosting opportunities for upcoming youth teaching (Trades, investing, financial literacy, etc.) shifting the momentum of thinking, we’ll very much so visually see the rise of our community. A different passion and fire are lit under those who value building the community with the ultimate end goal of the kingdom in mind.

We can’t keep living to the standard that the world has depicted unto us. Safety and peace for all our communities no matter where they are should be a major focus.


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