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by: TheWAV613

ACHtober Day 13

“Hate Toward Your Brother”

A form of iniquity is hating our brother. Iniquity is based on things that are morally evil, and it is morally evil to hate our brothers. Being that it is the men of Israel who sets the example to the women and children, we surely know that if the men show hate towards each other it will reflect in them also. Not only to the men it’s shown to, but also other women and children.

Killing is a clear from of evil towards a brother but it is not the only form that can be done. Laying with your brother’s wife, stealing from him, even mistreating a sister is showing an evil eye towards your brother because she is someone’s daughter. This three things have caused destruction in our communities even beyond what is mentioned which makes our men, women and children feel as if there is no love around and it’s ok to have a cold heart.

How To Prevent Hate

A way that YAHUAH helps us prevent these issues is by commanding us to not avenge or bear a grudge against the children of our people but to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. If we wouldn’t want anyone to lay with our wife, then we shouldn’t. Anyone to miss treat our daughter, then we shouldn’t. Anyone to steal from us or take the innocent life of a loved one, then we shouldn’t. And the list goes on and on. Because if we can’t love our neighbors that we do see how can we say we love the one that we can’t see.


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