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by: TheWAV613

An Ach who assumes responsibility for another Ach’s behavior. (Watchmen)

Brudda’s Keeper

“I Am My Brother’s Keeper”

We do not question as Cain did his father when asked about his brother’s whereabouts, but we proclaim that we are our brother’s keeper (not only in word but also action).

Abel and Cain were both supposed to be displaying Brotherhood giving examples of righteous men before their people. A lack a focus by Cain caused him to not be on top of his job and stirred up hatred towards his Brother. We see this still happening today but we can learn from this testimony by being a support to each other and understanding it’s many members of The Righteous Body an as long as you’re apart of it you should work properly in your position with gladness giving no room to deceive yourself into holding hate in your mind day to day.


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