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ACH•Tober Tip #2 :

What is an ACH?

What does Ach mean? Well first, to answer that we first have to identify what an ach is. We know that an Ach is a brother. Ach is the Hebrew word for brother. The interesting thing about the word ‘ACH’ is that it has its own perspective and definition.

In Hebrew it is made up to two letter, the ‘Aleph’ and the ‘Chet’. Each of these letters have their own meaning to them and when they are put together to form a word, a definition is given off the letters alone. So what does ACH mean in Hebrew?

With the ‘Aleph’ + ‘Chet’ we get the meaning of “strength/first’ + ‘protection/fence/hedge”. So by definition from a Hebraic perspective a brother is, the strength of protection or the first of protection. When we apply this perspective in everyday life, then we see how to become a brother.

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