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Death At A Funeral

20 people lost their lives this past Shabbat while attending a funeral. A 7.5 earthquake hit the southern parts of Haiti collapsing the church along with other buildings. Since the country is currently going through civil unrest coupled with flooding and mudslides there hasn’t been much help either. Recently The President of Haiti was assassinated so the government an its officials aren’t position to provide rescue for its citizens. The people aren’t relying on help to come from it’s country’s representatives either, it’s been each one reach one during this time of chaos.

“I don’t expect any help, we’re on our own,” said Michel Milord, a 66-year-old farmer in Toirac, who lost his wife and his house in the earthquake. “No one trusts this government here.”

Everyone help one

These are some of the signs Yahusha told us to be on the look out for, when earthquakes and nation rising against nation take place it’s a reminder of the end times.

Matthew 24:7

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