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Drawn Away?

Written By: Shimshone Yashra’al

Drawn Away?

They say listen close, and a person will tell you who they are: even more their actions too show forth the manner of individual you’re witnessing.

The Word tells us having love for the world and it’s ways naturally go against the love of The Almighty and what is set as good. It’s plain and to the point but due to the simplicity of the matter many stumble at the importance of the choices we make even who we communicate with because it can rotten our manners. Knowing this creates a appetite to know what’s going on, instead being lead astray by dead end desires that only cause more problems. Now time is more critical than we had once believed to repent, we simply must turn against what has brought so many wounds and confusion into our lives. Remember the knowledge of the world isn’t fulfilling or fruitful when it comes to being saved at the most critical moments. If we never seek out what The Most Powerful has provided us in having The Best Ally to guide The Chosen to eternal healing and sovereignty we’ll truly miss the boat. So living out any lustful thought will turn us to dust indeed If we don’t mentally and physically turn away from whatever has become a delay on researching our salivation. We must have a heart for righteousness which provides endurance that can push us to the end of this time, in Order to be rescued from this impure place and placed in The City Of Peace forever.


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