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Back POP

Have you ever experienced low back pain and just couldn’t find any relief? If this is a ongoing situation for you, reality is you didn’t get to this point overnight so the solution will be day to day steps towards fully recovering. Beautiful thing is YAHUAH has provided a move that provides relief an can be done in a matter of minutes while seating down, let’s dive in.

Pressure Joints

While seating upright with a set core place your feet shoulder width apart. Next lift your heel of your choice foot and slowly turn your left to right. (bug squash)

Now take your hand and place it on your hand where your hips and thighs meet using your thumb as a pivot point to massage the troublesome area.

forever fitness back pop

Do this while maintaining a good breathing position (reference core set pics/videos)

This is your Forever Fitness Tip brought your by BlessTheGym where we’re always powered by YAHUAH!

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