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Gun Violence On The Rise

Gun Violence On The Rise

Gun violence has been the hot topic of discussion around the world as of late. In the US alone there has been 154 mass shootings this year. This has became the leading cause of death for children. Of course all of these tragic events are not aired for the public to see. Here are some stories from recent mass shootings.

Gun Violence On The Rise

There has been 20 more mass shootings since the Texas incident. At each shooting at least 4 people were shot or killed. 

Canada’s prime minister seeks the ban of all handgun sales across the country. This also includes the purchase of toy guns and of sort.

Read Our ‘New Gun Laws: Wild Wild West Magazine’ Today

With the new gun laws that have been going across the United States, there seems to be only a rise in violence, specifically murder. Making it as the wild Wild West. 

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