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Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt
Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt

Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt  

As our big brother Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. But with all things, proof is necessary. In this edition of ‘Nothing New Under The Sun’ we will be going over Egypt. From the first Egypt (Ancient Egypt) to the second Egypt (Modern America), there is no change. Both civilizations kept hard oppression on the Hebrews. Through hard labour, segregation, “making brick without straws” and killing the Hebrew children. 

Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt
Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt

Oppression of the Hebrews: [Exodus 1]

The oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt began when the rise of a new pharaoh. This pharaoh didn’t know Joseph, a brother of the Children of Israel. He said the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we are (Israel came with 70 people to Egypt). Let us deal wisely with them unless they multiply. Before it come to pass that when there comes a war, they join our enemies and fight against us. So they set up taskmasters to afflict them with burdens. 

Israelites being oppressed.
Israelites in captivity.

In America there are taskmasters set over the same Hebrews. They aren’t known as Hebrews because of bywords. Such as Negro, Colored or African-American. These task masters started off in the form of slavery with slave masters. Today these taskmasters are police and government assistance, such as public housing. The Egyptians watched over the Hebrews. Slave masters and police patrol throughout communities where the Hebrews (Negroes) are. The other form of taskmasters is government assistance. Most government assistance is an offer to single mothers, meaning there is no father at home. Some may not view that as oppression. But with the father out of the house it takes away the value of family, it’s morals and its values. This scenario alone has brought many burdens to families and throughout communities. 

“Make Brick Without Straw”: [Exodus 5]

In ancient Egypt their plan to afflict Hebrews was in full affect. They made their lives bitter. It was hard bondage in all manner of service in the field, they made them to serve with cruelty. The same affect is to the Hebrews (so called Negroes). The oppressors expect maximum work for minimum wage. Still expecting for them to survive off of minimum wage. As when pharaoh commanded the taskmasters of the Hebrews to no longer give them straw to make brick. He said let them get it themselves and still have the same amount of work done. 

Segregation: [Genesis 43: 32]

Believe it or not, Egypt made rules of segregation also. We see this through with Joseph (a Hebrew who dwelt in Egypt, thought of as an Egyptian). His brothers came to Egypt seeking food during the famine, and it came to pass to set bread. They set for Joseph, then for the Hebrews and the Egyptians who ate with Joseph. This is because in Ancient Egypt it was an abomination for Egyptians to eat bread with the Hebrews. As that was an abomination in Egypt, it was an abomination in America. Not only with eating arrangements but in all aspects of living. This was through what they call Jim Crow. From 1874 to 1975 this system was able to keep separate Americans and Hebrews (so called Negroes). Because it is as an abomination to share anything with the Hebrews. 

Killing of Hebrew Children: [Exodus 1: 15-22]

The pharaoh of Egypt gave Hebrew midwives strict instructions when birthing Hebrew children. He said that when the Hebrew women deliver a child, if it is a male kill him, if a daughter let her live. He made this against the Hebrews understanding that it is the males that extends the lineage of a nation. In America, this same executive order is on the same people. Throughout the past, our children have been as “bait” to catch alligators.

Nowadays when our children come through labor they offer them vaccines. Something that is not needed for a babies health, but actually sickens the baby. They also provide abortion clinics in our communities promoting “planned parenthood”. Throughout America, 79% of “planned parenthood” abortion clinics are in our communities. Giving the opportunity to take away our children and destroy our nation. Abortions have become the number one cause of death for Hebrews (so called Negroes). Taking away the lives of 16,000,000 Hebrew babies since 1973. 

As we can see, there is no difference between Ancient Egypt and these modern times we are living in. So let’s consider how our ancestors were able to be free from this bondage and take the same course of action.

Nothin New Under The Sun: Egypt

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