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Player Forced To Violate Torah, Coaches Fired

In Canton, Ohio after a missed voluntary workout, a 17 year old child says that he was forced by his coaching staff to consume pork for missing the practice.

The story given by the victim’s family lawyer, Edward Gilbert, states that the player missed a voluntary workout on May 20 while nursing a shoulder injury. Following the day off and the weekend, head coach Marcus Wattley and seven assistant coaches told him to go to the gym and eat an entire box of pepperoni pizza in front of his teammates.

Kenny Walker, father, and Edward Gilbert speaking to a press conference.

The player and his family are Hebrew Israelites and it’s against the culture to consume pork.

‘I feel disrespected’

– Kenny Walker, Father

The player had previously made it known he does not eat pork, and the team had accommodated that previously during team meals. According to Gilbert, the player repeated “at least 10 times” that he cannot eat pork. Wattley allowed the player to remove the pepperoni before eating it, but pork residue still remained.

“You have people here who just don’t respect the religion [culture],” Gilbert said. “For him to order a pork pizza, he could have gotten something else. He could have gotten a veggie pizza or some other kind. But, he specifically chose a pork pizza to embarrass this kid and hurt this kid. And for the other coaches to chime in and allow this to happen just shows the total ignorance and disrespect for one’s religion [culture].”

– Edward Gilbert

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