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Rumors Of Wars | Locust Pestilence

1/28 Signs of the Times – TheWAV613

Yemen UAE War Rumors

Reports of Yemen Rebels firing many missiles over the Capitol of UAE. The Untied Arab Emirates which is near Saudi Arabia, whose also an ally of the US are currently facing a civil war. The attempts on UAE increases the tension in the Middle East. The rumors of War that Mashiyach mentioned to look out for, are more evident by the day.

South Africa and Kenya Locust Plague

In South Africa and Kenya there has been an attack of locusts on these land. They are saying this a biblical locust plague. South Africa has spent over 4.5 million USD’s to fight against the plague of locusts so far. A locust swarm of one square kilometer in size can eat the same amount of food in a day as 35,000 people. The world continues to try to blame rain for bringing in the locust. But have they yet to consider YAHUSHA’s Words of pestilences being in diverse places.

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