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Six Meats of The Dietary Law

Six Meats Of The Dietary Law

There are many options out there to get a savory meat. With that, we must remember that the choice of meats we choose to indulge in plays a role in our health and lifestyle. Most know of the quote “you are what you eat” and there is truth to the statement. The qualities of what you consume will be the qualities you display in life, but that’s for another time. For now we will focus on a few meats that are good for you and a few that are bad for you, so you can make the decision count.

This is from biblical perspective. Based on Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. The Dietary Law.

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Hazardous Meats

At most gatherings you can expect to see one of these three on the menu. Pork, shrimp or crab. That’s because these are as a delicacy in Babylon and have easy access. After looking at the qualities of these animals, they may no longer be a desired meal of your choice.


Pork is now a common food among people. Whether in the form of ribs, pepperoni, bacon, hotdogs, ham, etc., it is in most daily eating. But do they have an understanding of what they are eating? Here’s a look on the animal that is being ate, the pig. The pig is a bottom feeder and gluttonous (doesn’t know when to stop eating). Known for eating scraps on farms, garbage, feces and even decaying flesh. The diet of the pig is the reason why it carries over 30 diseases, such as, parasites, bacteria’s, viruses and toxins. Which all absorbs in it’s fat and is transferrable to our bodies when we consume it. There is no safe temperature that it can cook at to know that all parasites will are dead.

Shrimp and Crab

When it comes to shrimp and crab, people hold it at a high standard and even consider it to be luxury dishes. Such as crab stuffed lobster tail and shrimp scampi. Information is out that the meat of shellfish is dangerous and causes many illnesses. Such as instant paralysis from eating the shellfish. All shellfish are bottom feeders. They can place them in water full of bacteria and they will purify the water from bacteria. This is how harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses become concentrated in shellfish. For instance, the shrimps sweep the ocean floor eating all kinds of dead animals. While the crabs are like vacuums eating anything it comes across. The diet of the shellfish is the reason why it is one of the main causing foods for allergies. Because of the toxins that it consumes.

In contrast to theses hazardous meats, there are good healthy choices of meat. With the right nutrition parasites, diseases, and sickness will disappear. There will also be a boost in your health. When it comes to lamb, beef and turkey, they are good choices seeing that their diet consists of eating grass. By them being grass fed they are well equipped with nutritional benefits.

Beneficial Meats

What’s beef? Beef by definition is meat that comes from cattle. For example, a cow, ox or bull. It is full with nutritional benefits and only a small serving will suffice. It can contain up to 28 grams of protein and full of iron for the body in one of the lean beef portions. Protein and iron deficiency aren’t the only benefits of beef. It gives the body good energy, healthy teeth and bones, also helps maintain muscle and growth. 

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Lamb is a sheep in its first year. It is a red meat that has iron-rich protein, rich in vitamins and essential minerals good for health. It contains B Vitamins that are beneficial, like vitamin B12 which is good for the skin. Also others that help burn calories and fat. Certain elements that’s in the lamb, when consumed is good for preventing cancers in our organs. 

Turkey is a bird. But it has a lot of similarities to the lamb with its nutritional benefits having a source of B vitamins. Also having a source of protein, and helps towards weight loss boosting metabolism. Also benefiting your immune system playing a role of eliminating cancer in the body. 

We at The WAV hope we have been a help to you in your healthy lifestyle decision making. Ride A Higher Frequency.

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