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The Confusion Of Men Wearing Women’s Clothing

The Confusion Of Men Wearing Women’s Clothing
With the understanding that fashion can represent the behavior of one, and that a man is to be masculine, some fashion styles offered to men today are not masculine at all. The styles are actually feminine and are looked at as “popular trends.”
A skirt is defined as a woman’s outer garment, fastened around the waist and hanging down around the legs. The popularity of women skirts has been growing over the years amongst men. They make claims that women skirts represent ancient cultures in the world, but that isn’t the main reasoning of it gaining popularity. Some of the reasons stated to why men are able to wear a dress or skirt are, “they are comfortable and cooler in summer and hot climates” and “they should be at liberty to dress as they like since women wear pants.” A skirt/dress on a man actually takes away a man’s masculinity.
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