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Tings Aint What Dey Seam

Outer Cup
YHUH searches the heart

A person can be known by their attire, so who’s brand are you rocking?

People are willing to do many things to get recognized usually focusing on the outer appearance instead of starting within themselves. The so-called “designer” clothes give many a sense of status or a boost of confidence in the lifestyle they’re leading, which in most cases is a dead end. Everything but pure righteousness is promoted in these times which causes a lot of people to forget about finding who they truly are.

You’re shown over and over that, if you don’t have the trending devices or outfits that you’re out of touch or worth nothing at all, this too is a dead end. The Opposition (Opp) has tricked the whole world into desiring to be out of touch with The Life Source and used to direct the chosen back to The Master Designer.

Every great artist leaves their signature marking on their work so you know it’s really authentic and not a knockoff. If you look around the world it’s evident to see this fashion of living is a knockoff and you should want a much more comfortable garment to relax in. Tings Ain’t What Dey Seam.


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