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YFA Beloved Scottie Script’n Review

YFA Beloved Daud Scottie Script'n
YFA Beloved Scottie Script’n

YFA Beloved, as we all know, has been in B.R.E.W. Music awhile with over twenty plus albums. He hasn’t missed a beat yet literally. That is no different than how he delivers on ‘Scottie Script’n’. 

If you going through anything in life. You’re struggling? Stressing? Well this is it for you. Because it’s going to uplift you in more ways than it even did for myself.

Put these on and it’s a guarantee that your whole day will change for the better. No jabs. Straight hooks. And they delivering.

Sprinkle Me Down

YFA Beloved – Sprinkle Me Down

Ha Ha

Channel 5

YFA Beloved

Beloved Daud received the 2019 4th Annual Hebrew Israelite Award for “Best Hebrew Hip-Hop Artist”. 

written by: @uzzy_2x

3 Peat

Here he go talkin bout YAHUAH once again!

Perfect title and intro to this album. It definitely drew me in with the hook and the beat. This is exactly how people look in at us who keep the law and spread the good news around daily.

Love Sumn

This particular song will probably resonate with alot us how we as once I’m the world steady repeating the same cycles. Once we came into the true understanding of who we are we was able break those cycles and learn how to avoid those obstacles. 

Channel 5

I love this song alot! Anytime I conquer a demon or a devil fails to to get me to fall I know the next time they gonna try even harder. The thing is I’m fully aware of it so I’m not surprised! Different level different devil.  I’ma keep striving regardless and keep my faith in YAH.

All I Want

This is literally what I strive for. I just want the kingdom. Hearing well done faithful servant. Nothing short of it. That’s all I want. Seeing us all make it in them heaven gates. If you not about the law or trying to get about it I’m not gonna switch lanes for you. I gotta stay kingdom minded.

Big Flexa

2 muscles up no pressure! Everytime I hear this I just wanna help my brothers and sisters.

If I get a blessing I’ma share it. When you do right by YAHUAH he’ll make sure you’re taken care of. That’s why I never a problem doing what he requires me to do.

Ha Ha

Folks get mad because we live by the scripts and not like them. We do good they get mad you can’t make it make sense. So you gotta just laugh it off. Some of us live with those kind and some of us work with them as well. 

From humble beginnings, the Atlanta based artist and community activist delivers his message through music, just as King David with the book of Psalms. Beloved Daud [YFA Beloved] managed to turn his life around through hard-work and a strong desire to stay spiritually conscious. As the new generation of hip hop emerges, he has combined the conscious with the trap to remind us of the troubled pathways of our own history. The message is to empower the youth to show them there is an alternative route other than the common route they usually choose to escape their realities.

“Beloved is insanely talented, and I like most of the music he creates. The beats are fire, and his melodies he throws out with them are fantastic…. I’m very glad I clicked and listened, because Scottie Script’n is one of my favorite CHH albums of the year. Very underrated and overlooked artist here.”

[source: https://rapzilla.com/2021-09-4-christian-rap-artists-you-may-not-have-heard-september-2021/ ]

If you’re not in tune yet. Get in tune. 

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